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How do you ship?

We offer free worldwide shipping for all orders over USD 45, using registered airmail service. For orders below we charge USD 6.90 for shipping & handling.

Additionally we offer FedEx courier services to most locations. For orders over USD 280 we offer free worldwide shipping with FedEx.

The maximum weight is 2kg/shipment. Once your order is processed you will automatically receive an eMail with your tracking number and a link to look it up.

Please note that Hong Kong Post does not allow recalls, detentions or diversions once the parcel is on its way. This shipping option does not include any insurance (damage, theft, loss, etc.).

Here are the estimated delivery times for registered airmail:

USA/Canada = 8-14 business days
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore = 8-14 business days
Europe = 7-18 business days
Japan = 7-12 business days
Other countries = 8-24 business days


Alternatively we offer to dispatch with FedEx. You can select this option in the check-out process for an additional fee.

How do I track my order?

Our standard shipping is included in the price, and done by Hong Kong registered airmail service. Once the tracking number for your shipment is available you can trace it here:

HKG Post Tracking Website 

In case you chose the FedEx shipment option you can track your shipment here:

FedEx Tracking Website

Do I need to pay taxes or import duties?

Due to the international nature of our business we can only indicate the net-prices as we are not aware of your local taxes and import duties.

That means that duties, taxes, VAT, fees, etc. are not included in our pricing (and they are also excluded from any refund (if applicable)).

Orders may need to clear customs in your country. We will however have the necessary declaration/information on the parcel so that local customs offices should be able to process your shipment correctly.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for further info.

What if my country is not on your list?

Just approach us through, and we'll do our best to help you.

What about returns?

We want you to be happy with your new enevu product. But if you find it faulty or flawed you can return your order.
However, please get in touch with us first so we can advise you how to proceed. For details on returns please go to our Terms & Conditions.

Do you plan to add more products?

We love to create innovative products, and this is just the beginning. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch and be the first to know when we launch our next product. We will not share your address with advertisers (also see our Privacy Policy) and only mail you if it's worth your time.

How can I get in touch with you?

The easiest way to reach us is through eMail


Where can I download the manual?
Please ensure you read the manual before first use. If you need a PDF version just email us at

My CUBE doesn't work – what could be the reason?
1) CUBE is shipped with fresh alkaline batteries inside. However there is a battery insulator strip that needs to be removed before first use.
Open the battery door and you should see it. Pull it out and make sure the batteries are sitting well in their position. Then close the battery door tightly again.
2) Did you use fresh AAA alkaline batteries from the same manufacturer?
3) Did you insert the batteries with the correct polarity?

My CUBE doesn't show all colors anymore.
Once the batteries are running low the color LED will not be able to show all colors anymore. Replace the batteries with fresh ones.

Can I run CUBE on rechargeable batteries?
Yes, it works with AAA rechargeable batteries as well. We actually recommend using long-lasting, professional rechargeable batteries like eneloop. This also helps to protect our environment.

Where is the metal hook to hang my CUBE? How to use the metal hook?
The metal hook is sitting inside the battery compartment. You need to open the battery door and then find the metal hook on the inside of the door.
You can take the hook out from it's holder bracket and insert it in the hook openings on the outside of the battery lid.
When you don't need the hook just place it back in the bracket on the inside of the battery door. There it's safe until you need it again.
Also see our explanations in the manual.

Is the diffusor detachable? Is the CUBE base still IPX4 splash-proof?
Yes you can take off the diffusor part from the LED base. The LED base will remain splash-proof. The diffusor part has no influence on this feature.

Does the CUBE comply with regular laws and regulations?
Yes it does. It has obtained the CE/EMC and FCC reports by an international, accredited laboratory. And it also complies with EN62471 on photobiological safety. Still we do not recommend looking directly into the open light sources.

What do the icons on the back mean?
On the back of CUBE there are 6 icons. They indicate the function switching cycle when pressing the button above the logos.
Pressing the buttons once takes you from left to right through the functions. Pressing the button twice takes you from right to left:
I               = white light low (night light)
II              = white light medium
III             = white light high
dots         = color changing
lock          = locks the current color shown in color changing mode
circle        = Off

Pressing the button for 6 seconds activates the emergency flash mode. When pressing the button once more CUBE goes back into the normal mode sequence.

How do I change batteries? How do I open the battery compartment?
As described in the manual we recommend to open the battery compartment by using a pen (or similar object) to push the battery door lock towards the direction of the arrow.
The battery door pops open. You can access the batteries inside the CUBE base.
Replace them with fresh AAA alkaline batteries of the same brand. Ensure you insert them with the correct polarity (+/-).
Close the battery lid by aligning the door correctly with the CUBE base (as shown in the manual) and push until you hear a solid "click" sound. Check to ensure the battery door sits on the base tightly.

What to do if the inside of my CUBE got wet?
The battery door needs to be tightly in place (please read the manual) in order to achieve splash-proof rating. If for whatever reason water leaked into the inside of the CUBE base there is a chance that the electronics are damaged. We recommend to:
1) instantly take out the batteries (be careful in case they leaked due to short cut by water)
2) try to dry any visible water with a towel
3) we recommend to place the CUBE base without the battery door in a sealable plastic bag with a large spoon of unboiled rice. Leave CUBE in the bag with rice sealed for a few days as this can take up moisture that is still inside the CUBE.
What if there is humidity under the clear lens of my CUBE?
Due to the splash-proof casing there is a slight chance of condensation happening inside the lens of CUBE. This can happen when it's taken to different climates or temperatures.
Normally this is not an issue. However we recommend to take out the batteries, leave the battery door open and wait until the condensation disappears before using it again.
What if I lost the battery door or metal hook?
While we cannot guarantee to service all requests, we do encourage you to get in touch through – and we'll try our best to help you out with new small parts.
Should I unscrew the CUBE base?
No, as it voids the warranty. And there are no servicable parts inside. Also it's not easy to put it back together again and keep it splash-proof.
How about warranty?
Any product can break eventually. However we do warrant our products to be free of material or workmanship flaws according to our Terms & Conditions.

In case you believe your enevu product is a case for the warranty please get in touch with us through

How can I get in touch with you?
The easiest way to reach us is through